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#include <dkim.h>

unsigned int dkim_sig_getflags(
Retrieve the flags stored for a specific signature.
Called When dkim_sig_getflags() can be called in the prescreen or final or callbacks, if defined, or after dkim_eoh().
sig Signature-specific handle.
RETURN VALUE The value returned is a bitwise-OR of the following constants:
Flag NameDescription
DKIM_SIGFLAG_IGNORE The signature has been flagged to be ignored by a prior call to dkim_sig_ignore().
DKIM_SIGFLAG_PROCESSED The signature has had DNS validation attempted.
DKIM_SIGFLAG_PASSED DNS validation succeeded. See NOTES below.
DKIM_SIGFLAG_TESTKEY Key's "in test" flag was set.
DKIM_SIGFLAG_NOSUBDOMAIN Key's "not for use with subdomains" flag was set.
  • The DKIM_SIGFLAG_PASSED flag is set if the header hash, the public key and the digital signature resulted in a successful verification. It does not reflect whether the computed body hash matched the one found in the signature. It is necessary for the caller to use the dkim_sig_getbh() as well to test for that case.

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